Rates Effective April 1, 2024

2024 Production Period

Manitoba and Saskatchewan CattleAdvance Rate (MB)Advance Rate (SK)
Feeder calf (400-700lbs)$1,255.18/head$1,256.39/head
Feeder cattle (700-900lbs)$1,249.36/head$1,255.18/head
Finished Cattle (up to 1250 lbs)$1,196.49/head$1,194.07/head
Finished Cattle (over 1250 lbs)$1,558.30/head$1,554.91/head
MB, SK, ON. Organic Cattle Advance Rate
Feeder calf (400-700lbs) $1,301.01/head
Feeder cattle (700-900lbs) $1,301.01/head
Finished cattle (up to 1250lbs) $1,251.30/head
Finished cattle (over 1250lbs) $1,629.60/head
MB, SK, AB. Lambs Advance Rates
Lambs (45-60lbs) $73.23/head
Lambs (61-79lbs) $89.48/head
Lambs (80-109lbs) $113.00/head
Lambs (+110 lbs) $140.16/head
MB, SK, AB, BC, YT Bison Advance Rates
West-Feeder Bison (650-750 lbs) $933.14/head
West-Finished Bison (900-1050 lbs) $1,340.29/head
ON, NB, NL, NS, PE BisonAdvance Rates
East-Feeder Bison (650-750 lbs)$899.19/head
East-Finished Bison (900-1050 lbs)$1,293.01/head
MB, SK, AB, BC GoatAdvance Rates
West Goat Kids (under 50 lbs)$41.71/head
West Goat Kids (50-75 lbs)$84.15/head
West Goatlings (over 70 lbs)$97.97/head
Manitoba / Saskatchewan Crops Rate / MT or Bu (MB) Rate / MT or Bu (SK)
Canola $281.30/MT $281.30/MT
Corn $3.24/BU $3.24/BU
Oats $145.50/MT $135.80/MT
Rye $106.70/MT $106.70/MT
Soybeans $ 247.35/MT $ 247.35/MT
Wheat $145.50/MT $145.50/MT
Barley $145.50/MT $150.35/MT
Peas – Dry $ 4.12/Bu $ 151.32/MT
Sunflower – Oil $0.09/Pound $0.12/Pound
Flax $276.45/MT $ 275.45/MT
Turf $0.0672/sq. ft
Seed Potatoes $2.42/CWT
Breeding Stock (For marketing only)Rate Effective June 1, 2024
Cattle – Bull -Mature- More than 2 Years$3,007.00 (MB/SK)
Cattle – Bull – Yearling – Less than 2 Years$2,813.00 (MB/SK)
Cattle – Heifers – Bred$1,576.25 (MB/ SK)
Cattle – Heifers – Calf$1,091.25 (MB/SK)
Ewe & Yearling Ewe – Breeding$267.47 (MB /SK/ AB)
Ram – Breeding$399.39 (MB /SK /AB)